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Easy Ideas for Protection Magick

One of the aspects of witchcraft and magick that really made me curious before I started learning about it was protection magick. As I started learning more, I realized that I had been subconsciously already doing some of it for a long time (hello, Scorpio rising). I find protection magick so alluring on a few levels. First off, I of course loved the idea of just feeling protected. I still struggle deeply to feel safe and comfortable in my own skin, and it is something I have to continuously work on in therapy and psychological self-work. Protection magick actually became a very helpful tool for me to be aware of the ways in which I protect myself, and some of the ways that I do it without thinking (and maybe when I actually don’t need to at all). Full disclaimer though, protection magick should by no means be used instead of therapy or actually calling for help if a situation/someone is harming you! These are just some of the simple ways in which I incorporate protection magick into my daily life. I hope they inspire you to play around with some of your own ways!

Cast A Glamour: Wear All Black

This is one of those things I had been doing subconsciously for quite some time before I knew what was up. Casting glamour in a reductive sense is a spell to make something appear different than it is. Clothing, makeup, how we do our hair, accessories, all castings of glamour! If I’m wanting to feel deeply unfuckwithable, I will dress in all black, do big black winged eyeliner, and put on my black combat boots. We all know the style, but creating the look with the intention of protection adds a whole different dimension to the process and in turn, the look itself! Something I learned from the wonderful Gabby Herstik, is that you can create your own affirmations or enchantments to say aloud or in your head while you get ready. I usually say something to myself along the lines of “May my eyeliner infuse my look with protection.”


If you have cast a spell, chances are you have used salt! Salt is such a wonderful protection correspondence. I quite physically feel the absorbing quality of salt when I work with it. I will use it for protection when working with spells and rituals, when cleansing my crystals or cards, in the bath, doing kitchen magick, and after cleaning my home physically. I’m not a fan of sprinkling salt all over my house, especially after cleaning, so I make salt water and sprinkle it with my fingers around the perimeter of my apartment. I find the whole process really soothing and lovely. I usually just use regular sea salt, but recently I acquired some black witches salt from a metaphysical store. I love it! The black colour enhances the protective quality of the salt. You can also make your own black salt really easily by mixing ash and salt together, I’ve tried it and it works quite well!

Digital Clearing

Clearing and cleansing go hand in hand with protection magick. Something that I have been trying to make more of a regular habit is using technology, social media, and my devices in magical ways. A big part of that for me is cleansing, clearing, and protection! Personally, this looks like digitally detoxing for a set period of time, literally deleting unnecessary files, photos, screenshots, and texts (or backing them up), burning herbs or incense to cleanse my devices, and cleaning and clearing out my social media followers and who I’m following. Everyone uses social media differently, but I have really started to remind myself that my social media space can be as safe and comfortable as I want it to be. Even though it is inevitable that sometimes social media will feel like an unsafe/toxic/harmful place, I’ve found that creating safe and protected spaces within it is possible for me! But to reiterate this is totally personal and up to you!

Calling in My Guides

A practice my wonderful teacher Lindsey Mack taught me was checking in. Checking in with my guides, or spirit, my higher self, my ancestors, angels, protectors, whatever language resonates works! I do this quite frequently, and the phrase she taught me was “what is in highest and best for me right now?” I use this phrase to check in all the time. It really helps bring such a huge sense of safety and protection incorporating this practice into my life. I will use it when I’m having a great day, major anxiety, when I’m bored, when I’m over tired, or when I’m really busy. Really any time I find it helpful! The more I do it the more I feel guided, and with a sense of inner and divine guidance comes a feeling of deep protection. I also use this before I read my own tarot or read tarot for clients, and it feels like such a great way to sort of “filter” the messages I get from the cards. If I am only allowing what is in highest and best for right now to come through, then I feel at ease and protected to give my clients and myself tarot readings.

Black Candles & Crystals

I really do just love the colour black. In my heart of hearts my aesthetic is Witch. Again, I’ll blame my Scorpio rising for that one! Before I really had an understanding of protection magick I loved burning black candles. Growing up my room was always a sanctuary (Hello Taurus Sun) and little did I know I was creating an air of protection around that sanctuary for years. I still am obsessed with black candles and crystals. My favourite black crystals have to be Onyx and Black Tourmaline. I will usually put a small one in the vehicle if we are going on a long trip (or used to when that was a thing). I also like putting one in my purse or wearing one. I tend to burn black candles in protection spells, sometimes on the new or full moon, and sometimes when I’m having a bath and really looking for a safe sanctuary!

These are just some simple examples of little ways I incorporate protection magick into my life, and I plan on writing a small protection spell to post on here soon! I hope this inspires and resonates with you in some way, and something I try to continually remind myself lately is that I deserve to feel safe and protected. It can feel hard to remember sometimes, but these little practices have helped me!

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