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"My reading with Dakota was insightful and healing. She asked very deep questions that allowed me to process my situation in a new way. She also created a safe space to share what I'm going through, and even gave me affirmations to help transform my experience. I've booked multiple sessions with her. I highly recommend her readings!"


"My reading with Dakota was inspiring, affirming, and empowering. I'm so grateful for the experience, as it was exactly the push I needed to further step into my authentic self. Her personal wisdom as well as intricate knowledge of the Tarot helped me to gain perspective as well as feel extremely validated. I can't wait to have another reading soon!"


"Dakota was the most kind, empathetic, intuitive reader I am blessed to have experienced. She is full of wisdom, intuition, & truly gifted! She helped heal me on my journey, and I recommend Dakota for anyone at any point on their path. Thank you so, so, so much for bringing light in my life!"


"I had a Tarot Reading with Dakota and I usually have a hard time knowing what to ask during a reading, and I feel like I got so much insight. We talked about things holding me back, how to overcome them, my sacred service, and overall just the kind of birds eye view of my life that I was looking for. I feel lucky, Dakota truly has a gift."


"Dakota is a warm, personable, knowledgeable, and dynamic Tarot Reader. She helped me clarify my questions for the Tarot, and provided me with extremely insightful interpretations of my spread, including a very beautiful perspective of the Hierophant Reversed. She is able to infuse her readings with astrological knowledge, which I appreciated as an avid student of astrology. Dakota was very encouraging and shed some much needed light on several areas of my life. I left my reading feeling empowered to embrace my unique voice and forge ahead with confidence!