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About Dakota

 I'm Dakota, a professional Tarot reader, Artist, and Witch. Bridging the gap between the mystical & the creative is what makes me tick. I help clients by weaving surrender, embodiment, affirmations, ritual, and practical concepts into our 1:1 Tarot Sessions. These Sessions are all about starting with the reality that you have innate magick, creativity, and beautiful modalities to express yourself. Through the reflection of the cards we can uncover how your creative flow and process can be best supported, ways to support yourself through self doubt & fear of visibility, and how to find enjoyment in your process. I am proudly taught in Soul Tarot by Lindsey Mack, and this only strengthened my passion, curiosity and love for tarot. As a long time member of The Constellation Club, I have been an active member of a collective where we are dedicated to studying and discussing aspects of the occult, astrology, tarot, and all faucets of the unknown. A big part of my work is centered around helping my clients find their own spiritual lineage, and working to reduce harm around culturally appropriated spiritual practices (and art styles). I deeply honor and acknoledge that I currently create, work and reside on the unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ nations.

My Story

Growing up in a small Canadian town in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses plays a huge part in how I came to practicing professional Tarot Reading. Growing up in a close-minded family, in a close-minded town, left me feeling confused, depressed, frustrated and misunderstood. Struggling with identity, self expression, religious dogma, my parents messy divorce, severe genetic anxiety and depression, had me constantly looking for ways to heal.


I had always been artistic, ever since I was little. I always enjoyed making art, drawing, dancing, listening to music, painting, cooking, writing, all of it.


I didn’t have the confidence, resources, or hope that doing anything with it was possible.


As an adult I started cooking and used that as my artist-adjacent job form. It worked for awhile! I became a sous chef at 18, and shortly after quit because it wasn’t for me. I ended up continuing cooking and using that as my artistic medium for 5 years.


At 21, through multiple mental health lows, I was diagnosed with panic disorder.


Learning to care for myself, work with my mental health, and transform my life lead me to deepen my curiosity around spiritual practice and around my draw and connection to art and creativity.


Creativity and creative expression is something I have been using for ages as a way to understand, heal, and create meaning for myself and others.


My curiosity never seems to wane when it comes to creating things, the creative process, and the mystical nature of it all.

As a Tarot Reader for creative folks, my goal is to help my clients get perspective, insight, and work with (instead of against) themselves in order to start creating, or refine their process. My Tarot Reading style is all about unique and tailored spreads & questions, intuitive storytelling, self compassion, and fun,


I value community building, self trust, intuition, art and creativity, cultural respect and honor, humanity and human rights, and caring for and nurturing our environment. I value showing you how truly important and integral you are to this world and your community!


I promise to foster honesty, safety, critical thinking, and compassion.

Click to read the Stella Lune Accessibility Statement. 


What is tarot? 


Tarot is a form of divination. It’s a way for me to intuitively connect with you, and bring guidance & medicine to you.Though it’s thought of commonly as a way to tell someone’s fortune, that is not how I use Tarot. I won’t be able to report to you exactly what’s going on in your life or what’s going to happen in the future, but I will instead be connecting with your guides and bringing invitations/questions that will be intuitively healing through the cards. 


Do I need to do/bring anything for a reading? 


Nope! All you need is yourself. I will be recording the reading (with your permission) so you don’t need to worry about taking notes to remember things. You don’t need to meditate or feel “connected” before getting a reading. There is no perfect state that will allow for a “better reading.” Show up exactly how you really feel! That is what the tarot is for! 


What do you mean when you say “guidance?” 


The style of tarot I have been taught by my lovely teacher Lindsay Mack is not one of using the tarot cards to report things. I look at all the cards as opportunities, invitations, lights to be turned on to help us heal, grow, evolve, find clarity & better ourselves in general. The cards can be our allies through uncertain times, they can invite in a new way of perceiving things. The cards don’t tell us what to do, rather guide us to think differently and more critically to make decisions that are in alignment with ourselves, others & Mother Earth. 


I’ve never had a tarot reading. Is tarot for me? 


If you like exploring new narratives, want to find new healing techniques, want to explore the relationships between the body, mind, heart and soul then I think you’ve found what you’re looking for. There are no coincidences! 

Anything else I should know?

As a professional Tarot reader, I do have a few guidelines for our sessions around potentially harmful spiritual words. I invite clients to think about the language they use such as "karma, smudging, namaste", and any other culturally sensitive words. Any harmful or hateful speech will not be tolerated. 

 Benefits of a 1:1 Tarot Session with Dakota 

  • A container of reflection, review, imagination, & creation. A 1:1 Online Tarot Session is a space we create together, but this time is yours. We can explore the cards through intimate dialogue. This space is for conversing, bouncing ideas, asking lots of questions, and getting perceptive insight.

  • Get in touch with your creativity & sense of self, while learning practical tools to help you refine your process. Through the Tarot, intuitive storytelling, shared space, dialogue, affirmations, prompts, and ritual, we create practical tools together for your creative process, emotional tending, & working with your mind and body where it's at! 

  • A space that allows for new perspectives to emerge, new & more authentic narratives for your life and for your creative process. Using the Tarot and it's symbolism as a jumping off point to come into awareness and focus around your own narrative, and the endless possibilities of where you could take it moving forward.

  • Building your confidence, self trust, and intuitive abilities. Tarot is wonderfully medicinal in that it can help us to build a space within our life where we are deeply honest with ourselves. Through this container of honesty, we can begin to understand how we work, what feels good to us, how we can be accountable to ourselves, and how we can learn to sense into our inner knowing on a daily basis.

  • Remembering your Magickal ability to express yourself! At the root of creative self expression and Tarot lies our humanity. Through the container we create together, I will guide you towards cultivating an understanding and respect for your own expressive nature, and for your perfectly imperfect humanity. Together, we can look at where you are holding yourself to extremely high standards, perfectionism, or ideals that aren't even yours- and I will guide you through tools to help you divest from these over time!

  • Connecting to your own self regulation and healing abilities. The goal of these 1:1 Tarot Sessions is to help you help yourself. I act as a guide, & share insight and tools that help you to self tend, reflect, grow, and make tweaks.

  •  A space to feel seen, heard, acknowledged & honored in all of your multifaceted & magickal self.

  • Leaving the Tarot Reading Session feeling more connected, empowered, and excited about yourself & your creative process!

If you feel the call to invest in yourself + your creativity, book a 1:1 Tarot Reading Session here.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your reading or booking a reading you can contact Dakota directly.


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"My reading with Dakota was insightful and healing. She asked very deep questions that allowed me to process my situation in a new way. She also created a safe space to share what I'm going through, and even gave me affirmations to help transform my experience. I've booked multiple sessions with her. I highly recommend her readings!"


"My reading with Dakota was inspiring, affirming, and empowering. I'm so grateful for the experience, as it was exactly the push I needed to further step into my authentic self. Her personal wisdom as well as intricate knowledge of the Tarot helped me to gain perspective as well as feel extremely validated. I can't wait to have another reading soon!"


"Dakota was the most kind, empathetic, intuitive reader I am blessed to have experienced. She is full of wisdom, intuition, & truly gifted! She helped heal me on my journey, and I recommend Dakota for anyone at any point on their path. Thank you so, so, so much for bringing light in my life!"


"I had a Tarot Reading with Dakota and I usually have a hard time knowing what to ask during a reading, and I feel like I got so much insight. We talked about things holding me back, how to overcome them, my sacred service, and overall just the kind of birds eye view of my life that I was looking for. I feel lucky, Dakota truly has a gift."


"Dakota is a warm, personable, knowledgeable, and dynamic Tarot Reader. She helped me clarify my questions for the Tarot, and provided me with extremely insightful interpretations of my spread, including a very beautiful perspective of the Hierophant Reversed. She is able to infuse her readings with astrological knowledge, which I appreciated as an avid student of astrology. Dakota was very encouraging and shed some much needed light on several areas of my life. I left my reading feeling empowered to embrace my unique voice and forge ahead with confidence!